Friche la Belle de Mai
41 rue jobin Marseille 13003


International Fair of Contemporary Art

Venue : La Cartonnerie , The Plateaux
On a proposal from : Fræme

Art-O-Rama, created in 2007, is the first international art fair in the South of France and has been developing a new format that makes its uniqueness ; each booth is considered as an exhibition space which architectural specificities lie on the gallery's curatorial proposition for the fair. Art-O-Rama allows gallery owners to present themselves under a unique and original light ; signing their artistic line in a space they have designed according to the project they have built with their artists.

Art-O-Rama fosters meetings between contemporary art world actors and has made of its intimate format (around 20 curatorial projects) a stamp for quality of relations and artistic statements.



Full : 5€
Reduced : 3€

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Suspension Volontaire de la Crédulité

Exhibition - Visual Arts

The Fondation d'entreprise Ricard gives carte blanche to the artist Emmanuelle Lainé to invest the Panorama of the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille. For this exhibition, Emmanuelle Lainé combines familiar objects, organic materials and life-size images to create a complex painting that explores the relationships between digital images, art exhibitions and contemporary non-places.

Venue : The Tour-Panorama, le Panorama From June 30 to September 29, 2019 A proposition by Fondation d'entreprise Ricard



For his first solo exhibition in a French institution, Paul Maheke calls in OOLOI, a third gender figure from Xenogenesis, Octavia Butler's sci-fi trilogy published in the late 1980s. This project is a new step in his ongoing research on representations of marginalized subjectivities in the Western imagination and on the possibility of considering history through a non-human or invisible subjectivity or corporeality.

Venue : 3rd floor From June 30 to September, 2019 A proposition by Triangle France

Rhum Perrier Menthe Citron

Exhibition - Visual Arts - performance

Through a succession of invitations and cartes blanches, the exhibition Rhum Perrier Menthe Citron (Rum Perrier Mint Lemon) transforms La Friche into a modular landscape placed under the sign of hospitality. In the same way as a handover, several artists are invited to successively take over the exhibition space after each other.

Venue : The Tour-Panorama From June 1st to September 29th Fræme

On Air x MIMI - Ponzio Pilates - Funky Twins - Lalla Morte

toit-terrasse - Musique et son

MIMI vous invite à vivre sa programmation audacieuse et polymorphe pendant toute une soirée et convie le duo Funky Twins (DJ Rebel & Prof Babacar) pour un Dj set entre groove africain et hip hop, Lalla Morte et son univers burlesque et dérangé, et les Italiens de Ponzio Pilates pour un live samba narco explosive.

Venue : Le Toit-terrasse Samedi 7 septembre de 19h à 23h Free Une programmation de l' AMI En coproduction avec la Friche la Belle de Mai, les Grandes Tables de la Friche

Experiencing la Friche

Having lunch at the Friche or just having a coffee on the terrace? Playing a game of basketball or watching children going down the slide? Buying a book or a skateboard? You can walk around the Friche at any time of day and explore our open spaces that are open to all alongside our programme!


Playground for children over 3
Open today

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