L'Anthropologue et le photographe

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Exorcising Ghosts © Marc Lathuillière
© Marc Lathuillière
La Partie de Pétanque © Marc Lathuillière
© Marc Lathuillière
Anakot (The Fortune Teller)

L'Anthropologue et le photographe

Exhibition -  a discussion between Marc Augé and Marc Lathuillère

Venue : The Tour-Panorama, 5th floor
On a proposal from Les ateliers de l'image/Centre photographique de Marseille

Within our globalized world, the Other, the Foreign, will never be the same. How can we understand and picture it then? How does it modify our own identity? At the heart of Marc Augé's thoughts — particularly known for his texts on globalization and the Non-Places — those questions have influenced the work of the artist Marc Lathuillière.

Orchestrated by the writings and video works by the anthropologist, the exhibition reveals the link with the artist in the form of a one-on-one with Musée national — a photographic series about France — and the stagings, portraits, and performances that the artist produced with the Lisu tribe in Thailand.

A meeting on identity

According to Marc Augé, our ‘Supermodernity' era is characterized by a shrinking planet and a media staging that slowly replaces our living spaces by ‘Non-Places': circulation spaces dedicated to communication and consumption such as airports, superstores, and social media. Within this context, what does our relationship to others, to ourselves, and to our own identity become? Marc Lathuillière has been claiming those issues raised by Marc Augé as his very own from the first stages of his work. Those issues regulate the exhibition and create a dialogue between Musée national — encyclopaedic picture of a France rooted in its ‘places of memory' — and The Fluorescent People et Studio Tang Daw — two photographic series produced in a Thai village, staging the world changes and the relationship to the Other. A one-on-one show orchestrated by texts and videos by Marc Augé.
The exhibition explores the process of this identity/alterity construction through the image. Foreigners photographed as our contemporaries are confronted to French people pictured in their indigenous role. Marc Lathuillière — who shares the critical reflections of Marc Augé on the ‘spectacle of the world' — prefers a more fictional reinterpretation of the trip reporting to a mere documentary approach. Thus, he manages to subvert the political and identity stereotypes that structure the representation of modern societies. His approach is rooted in the mission that Marc Augé assigns to the anthropologist: to observe what changes in societies rather than what disappears. For Marc Augé, humanity is not dying, it is under construction.


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