Rhum Perrier Menthe Citron

Friche la Belle de Mai
41 rue jobin Marseille 13003

Rhum Perrier Menthe Citron

Flora Moscovici, Jagna Ciuchta, Basile Ghosn & guests

Venue : The Tour-Panorama

Through a succession of invitations and cartes blanches, the exhibition Rhum Perrier Menthe Citron (Rum Perrier Mint Lemon) transforms La Friche into a modular landscape placed under the sign of hospitality. In the same way as a handover, several artists are invited to successively take over the exhibition space after each other. From the Spring of Contemporary Art to Art-O-Rama, several highlights will punctuate a project transforming the exhibition experience into an organic development process and a framework of experiments without a previously written scenario.

First rendez-vous during the Spring of Contemporary Art, Flora Moscovici is invited to invest the empty space and leave a first layer of material as sense. Being both modest and abstract, this first gesture and first throw draws the basic frame on which the project will be developed. Visitors will be able to consider it as a projection space in which they can imagine the upcoming exhibition. Likewise, the artists intervening afterwards, will use it as the background from which they will think the project's various possibilities.

At the end of June, Jagna Ciuchta comes to affix a second reading frame with elements structuring the space, mobile or not. The artist is familiar with invitation gestures within the context of exhibition, imagines here a device of exposure able to be manipulated, even transformed by its subsequent users. In what looks like a landscape, will intervene all summer long with several appointments per week with curators and artists based mainly in Marseille but also around the Mediterranean rim. Clashes, performances, readings, projections... will make La Friche space the sounding board of an informal artistic scene, constituted in networks and favouring research and experimentation on the reproduction of established institutional canons.

The exhibition Rhum Perrier Menthe Citron favours open notions of invitation and hospitality. It brings together a few ingredients such as the recipe for a cocktail, leaving the domain of experience and friendship to rephrase indefinitely the subtle binders in the conjunction of meetings and the alchemy of shared moments.

Opening Times

Wednesday to Friday from 2pm to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 7pm


Full : 5€
Reduced : 3€

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