Viandes Foraines

Friche la Belle de Mai
41 rue jobin Marseille 13003
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Viandes Foraines

Collective exhibition with Delphine Reist, Laurent Faulon, Jean-Baptiste Sauvage and Thomas Teurlai

Venue : The Tour-Panorama, 3rd and 4th floor
On a proposal from : art+

Viandes Foraines consists of new artworks produced specifically for the exhibition by the artists Delphine Reist, Laurent Faulon, Jean-Baptiste Sauvage, and Thomas Teurlai — gathered here for the first time.

«Viandes Foraines» comes from a long-term conversation between the 4 artists starting from a residency time in August 2016 at
the Cité des arts de la rue (Marseilles research center for the arts in the urban space) in the Sud Side studios — and going through the exhibition itself. This group show also marks a return to production for Sextant et plus / Group, recognizing in that way the Friche la Belle de Mai as an artistic factory.
Echoing the old Seita tobacco factories, the exhibition reflects on the global context of deindustrialisation and labour crisis. The issues
of craftsmanship and the making of manufactured objects are raised through the lens of the artistic practice. Formally and conceptually, the artists deal with the industry through the evocation of the production chain and its downside, dismantling.

Viandes Foraines : The Title

The animal sciences dictionary teaches us that the French expression ‘viande foraine' arose from the emergence of food processing industry, used as
early as the beginning of the 20th century and defines all meat resulting from animals slaughtered outside of one's city or country to be transported back and consumed. This meat travels as animal carcasses, cut into wedges or big parts, after being frozen for conservation purposes. So, this show's title, actually reflects on the assembly, transformation, and representation of separately assembled parts that come from different places. To be even more specific, the french adjective ‘forain' (fairground) refers to anyone who is (or goes) outside, as well as anyone who comes from outside and is, by extension, an outsider. Therefore, other notions appear: the margin, the foreign, the periphery.

Viandes Foraines : The Venue

The exhibition artists often choose to show their work in unsuitable sites. Venues that are on the margins of the art networks and assigned to a usage other than the presentation of artworks, rather industrial or social related, and still bearing the stigmata of — or still functioning for — their original purpose. The Friche la Belle de Mai still bears some marks of its industrial past, old production lines and storage structures have been intentionally left visible in order to bring together the current artistic factory with the old labour days. The tobacco scented air does not haunt the Friche's walls anymore, but the still existing architectural structure of the old Seita factory is enough to map the contours of «Viandes Foraines».

Viandes Foraines : Main Protagonists

The exhibition artists all share a taste for the use of volumes and manufactured objects from the industry and real estate, or from commercial and social sectors. Through those lifeless or activated objects, sometimes transformed or simply placed in the exhibition space, the artists mimic those realities in order to have the rough surface of competition reveal its precariousness state as it is doomed to a scheduled shutdown.

Viandes Foraines : Competition

Just like athletes at the Start line, the four artists of the exhibition show the visible parts of their work in a straight line that may resemble production lines. Each of them undertakes with a touch of irony the competitive nature of the group show where each artist tries to compete in the hurly-burly of forms and ideas piling. They share with complicity the Start line of this competition.


full : 5€
reduced : 3€

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