La Belle de Mai

You can dance, eat and sing,
See films, concerts and shows,
And most of all share good times,
So let's go!

Artists & Cultural Organisations


23A Bd Allemand - 13003 Marseille
+33 (0)9 86 27 39 87

Eating at la Belle de Mai


The Grill Room
2, boulevard Boyer - 13003 Marseille
+33 (0)623028307
Between Mexican, Indian and Turkish cooking, to eat in or take away, you have choice : grilled food (plancha), naans, cocktails, ice creams and also events every Saturday evening, playground for kids...

Living at la Belle de Mai


Maison Pour Tous Belle de Mai, 1 bd Boyer - 13003 Marseille
Martine au +33 (0)6 82 16 27 66 ou Rene au +33 (0)6 13 65 30 16
Cré'Art ‘s motto is ‘discard nothing, transform everything ‘ and once a month (at least) they organise a transformation workshop sowing, customising, up-cycling and recycling in a playful, friendly atmosphere where people share their skills and knowledge.


Christine Couture
117 rue Loubon - 13003 Marseille
In her shop directly opposite the Gyptis cinema, Christine button-holes, repairs and rejuvenates your clothes.

GNAM-GNAM Voyageur
Cosimo au +33 (0)7 60 78 04 52
The association En Chantier (the organisation behind la Cantine de midi) has put a foodie car share scheme in place for trips at home and abroad, to enrich journeys to include discussions about produce and producers.

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