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Founded in 1985 by the musician Ferdinand Richard, and affiliated to the MIMI festival, the association A.M.I. has been operating for over half a century, developing art, culture, citizenship and the economy of the region for the benefit of all.

Since the outset, cultural rights, freedom of thought and expression, originality and cultural diversity are at the heart of AMI's values. The association was one of the Friche's first residents (1992) and is truly committed to the site that has come to embody ‘new artistic territories' going way beyond its original brief. AMI organises its programme around 3 major principles – aesthetics, practice and entrepreneurs – and strives to combine these on all fronts. 



A.M.I. provides support to those that are surprising, impertinent and audacious.

Festival MIMI
The internationally famous festival, MIMI has taken place every July since 1985 (30 years young in 2013), and on the Frioul Islands off Marseille since 2001. The programme is innovative, aesthetically eclectic, multi-disciplinary and leans heavily on creative residencies.

Creative Residencies
A.M.I. supports artists in residence, often within the framework of the MIMI festival. Some of the residencies are organised to facilitate the sharing of skills and knowledge between established artists and fresh talent.  

Events at la Friche
Whenever the opportunity arises, AMI is part of the programming at la Friche (48h Chrono, Parties on the roof terrace/ Toit-Terrasse) and / or in coproduction with those working on site (for example the What The Flok festival with Zinc & Reso-Nance Numérique).

On the international stage
For years now, AMI has worked with overseas partners, when funding and partnerships are available, sharing methods and approaches put in place on home ground. For example – the creative project Digibap (Residencies and creative hot houses for digital art, Brazil, Africa, Euro-region Alps/ Mediterranean, 2011 - 2014).



A.M.I. organises residencies in their rehearsal studios, based on projects' merits (5 studios including Labobox 120m2). A programme of support leading to live performance and activities with the public are put in place.

« Openbox », showcases at the end of the residency invite interested professionals to meet the artists.

Workshops on artistic practises and master classes are also organised throughout the year for the most part aimed at young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
The « Garage » sessions are for young groups on their way up.

Village Hip Hop
Since 2011Village Hip Hop has worked to bring the fundamentals of hip hop culture to a new generation, in partnership with socio-cultural organisations in Marseille.


The Entrepreneurs

Here and elsewhere, AMI has chosen to work towards injecting autonomy into the local cultural industry to ensure a solid cultural ecosystem with steadfast networks.

DYNAMO has been operating since 2013 – a platform dedicated to the economy of Culture, initiated and supported by AMI, in partnership with la Friche. It represents CADO, Funduk (hotel for artistic companies), Kourou (home grown initiatives, professional networking), and Les Grandes Chaises (welcoming permanent/temporary organisations linked to the cultural economy.

Couveuse cado
In 2008, the first initiative put in place under this brief was CADO -  a business incubator for companies involved in cultural activities CADO, that comes under the remit of the Union of Incubators. It offers support to young entrepreneurs in the cultural sector. Professional Meetings on key issues in the cultural domain are organised regularly.

AMI is also very involved in European and international projects that deal with themes of cultural economy and works alongside actors in the field (Projet Sostenuto (2008-2012) and 3C 4 Incubators (2013-2015)).


Estalished: 1986
At la Friche since: 1994

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