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ART.M's main aim is to support the work and reach of artists in the association.

Collecting objects, manipulating hierarchy, Pascale Mijares dips into all registers, from the most playful to the most militant. She exploits derisory coincidences, subversion and narcissistic self deprecation, playing with their meanings and references. Veritable “visual puns”, her installations waver between realism and fantasy, but are also bitterly human.
Excerpt from symboles défensifs [Defensive Symbols], France Paringaux, catalogue M de Mijares P de hareng, published by ART.M, Oct 2007]

Alain Domagala points out the disparity between normative representation, like that of a map or scientific diagram and the imaginary transposition which we are all capable of making. It is a question of exploration, action and introducing voluntary ambivalence between object, installation, design, models and sculpture.
Excerpt of the text by Estelle Pagès, from the catalogue mijares et domagala sont sur un bateau, published by Acte, oct 1999


At la Friche since: 1994

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