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Art-Temps Réel

Audio Creation

Music - Producer / Broadcaster

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Art - Temps Réel [Art – Real Time] works to disseminate its acousmatic repertoire and strives to develop performances with performers against the backdrop of an orchestra of loud speakers. With this objective in mind, the association has designed the Âtr-E, a mobile acousmonium of 32 broadcast voices for 42 loud speakers.


Art - Temps Réel uses new technologies linked to computing as a creative tool to create ‘extraordinary' music based on free improvisation and in line with the heritage of electro-acoustic composition.

Art - Temps Réel's work focuses on the challenges of gestural access and building instruments to facilitate the production, treatment, control and spatial nature of sound in real time. These instruments can also bring images into play, in the form of drawings or video.

Technology is not an end in itself, a wide range of initiatives share the same objective – to provide an opportunity for professional artistic creation, for the most part concerts and activities carried out in workshops, which are also accessible to the disabled. What is unusual is that these concerts and workshops are designed together with all those who attend in relation to their specific capabilities and with respect to their own personal ‘inner audio world'.  

Finally, Art - Temps Réel participates in projects promoting exchange with other artistic disciplines including writing, fine art, dance and theatre.


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