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Caroline Selig graduated from Aix-en-Provence Art School (DNSEP). She enlisted the help of Alain Beauchet, then a musician and model maker, when she was completing her diploma. He helped her to create her monumental installations and created a soundscape for the work.

During 25 years old, they wrote and worked together still the death of Alain Beauchet on novembre 2017. With the help of the artist, Caroline Selig decided to carry on Sangkhumtha: HOPE.

From her observations of human behaviour and boundless curiosity for the minutiae of everyday life, the company creates produces shows made up of images exploring gestural vocabulary, with elements of dance, theatre and fine art. The multidisciplinary writing is out of the ordinary, bordering on subversive, and offers a critical, yet lyrical reading of the everyday. Artonik shows are programmed in official street theatre festivals, in theatres around the country and at community arts events.
Alongside their creative projects the company takes on commissions for public spaces.


Established: 1992
At La Friche since: 1994


Shows in the repertoire

“Sangkhumtha: HOPE” (2018)
A nocturnal excursion in the city with Asia and the problem of water on background.  

The color of time (2013)
Grand Dance March inspired by the Indian festival of colour – Holi €Marseille 20th May 2013 as part of the European City of Culture celebrations Marseille-Provence 2013

Les chevaux du plaisir (2012)
Nocturnal excursion for 3 dancers to songs by Bashung.

Solleone (2010)
Three women, hard at work doing domestic chores, gradually get more and more swept up into the madness of a scorching hot day.

On the beach (2008)
The end of a drunken evening for these privileged young things descends into cruel desire.

La rue est dans le pré (2006)
A reflection on the need for free time and the development of society over a picnic.

12' Chrono (2005)
A crazy scene played out on the terrace of a cafe.
The company Artonik is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communications DRAC PACA.
It is also subsidised by the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, and the General Council of Bouches du Rhône and the City of Marseille and is supported by the DGAC and Système Friche Théâtre.

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