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The Bamboo Orchestra développe une activité musicale qui va de la fabrication d'instruments originaux en bambou jusqu'à la production de spectacles, reliant l'homme à la nature. C'est aussi une formation musicale qui joue sur un instrumentarium en bambou unique en Europe, des compositions musicales originales de l'artiste japonais MakotoYabuki.


MakotoYabuki & le Bamboo Orchestra
Composer, percussionist, flutist, teacher and inventor of the amazing bamboo instrumentarium – with its extraordinary structure and sound – MakotoYabuki is the leader of the Bamboo Orchestra. A name with denotes not only the group but also a musical movement that hopes to go beyond the boundaries of musical genres.
He invents, builds and experiments on each of his creations, inspired by the natural and exceptional sound quality of bamboo.
The visual, show-stopping nature of the instruments is one of the key elements of this live music. With its scale and diversity of the sounds produced, the musical world of Bamboo Orchestra is firmly seated in world music.
Musicians: MakotoYabuki, Guillaume Bonnet, Nicolas Dolce, Nathanaël Pinna and Nicolas Aubin.


An impressive array of instruments
Maui, Taikos, Také-marimba, Ô-Daikos, Pandors, Jegog, Gender, Angklungs, Balimbing, Bâton de pluie, Bol marseillais, Cigale maracas with guiro, Didgeridoo, Grenouille slittam with guiro, Stamp, Toribué, Té- marimba, Takebora, Shinobué, Shizuku, Pan flûte, Quéna, Ketchac, Kugui, Guimbarde… tels sont les noms des instruments qui constituent l'instrumentarium.


Bamboo Orchestra Shoots
Passing on the philosophy of the Bamboo Orchestra to the next generation is crucially important. Not just expertise, through the traditional oral transmission of expertise of, but also passing on the unusual relationship to nature and the environment, through bamboo, a little known reed in France, which also serves as a vector for ecological debate.
This transmission takes the form of weekly workshops that are open to everyone from 7 upwards, with or without a musical background, on a one off or permanent basis.





The instrumentarium can be visited on request.
You can sit in on rehearsals depending on the programme of performances.

Established: 1995
At la Friche: 1994

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