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Milton Martinez coupe du monde au Bowl © Juliette Herdoin
Club BSM team © dc
Streetpark birthday Camille Genelot © Juliette Herdoin
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Board Spirit Marseille

Skate Classes & Urban Cultural Events

Young audiences - Producer / Broadcaster

+33 (0)4 95 04 95 29 - walks.bsm@gmail.com - www.bsm-skateboard-association.com

BSM offers skateboard lessons for all levels of ability, and puts on events including: contests, skate demos (in skateparks or at festivals), video previews, graffiti performances, the Skateboard World Cup.


The Skate School
Affiliated to the French Federation of Roller Skating (FFRS), BSM offers skate lessons and tasters as part of the State Sports Education Certificate. The lessons are for individuals, schools and associations. Outside lesson times (see days, times and group levels) the school organises visits to other parks, competitions, artistic and teaching courses. Lesson venues: Streetpark at la Friche, Palais Omnisport Marseille Grand Est (Palais de la Glisse), Skatepark at Lauriers Cèdres (Marseille, 16th), mobile skatepark at other venues on request.

The Events
BSM organises prestigious national and international events in the field of board sports and associated urban culture: competitions, showcases, skate video previews, concerts with the Cabaret Aléatoire, graffiti, etc.
Now the streetpark welcomes several teams like Antiz, DC, Volcom, Cliché, Nomadic US, and the staff have organised a number of major events including the Red Bull Manny Mania and the Es Game of Skate. BSM also takes part in  the organisation of prestigious projects like the Tony Hawk Show, the Quiksilver Pro France and now organises top level contests independently like the European Bowl Stage of the of the World Cup and the Skateboard at the Prado Bowl in partnership with the US staff  of the International Skateboarder's Union.

The Streetpark at la Friche
Practice area, training ground and BSM teaching facility, you can visit the skatepark alone or with friends to make the most of riding opportunities: outside lesson times, all week from 8am – 10 pm.


Established: 2003
At  la Friche: 2008

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