Co opérative

Music, art, culture, communication

Visual Arts - Music - Producer / Broadcaster

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An association for development, production and mediation
A platform by and for producers, artists and mediators


Founded in 2004, the co-operative grew into an association for development, driven by producers, artists and mediators. It is involved in the field of sound and music, art and culture, education and healing, communication and balanced growth.
It encompasses all trades and disciplines from – artistic production, mediation and support, design and administration of projects, to applied research and training.

Working for and with young people, residents, associations, communities, the world of art, social bodies and tourism organisations, in short for everyone, it actively encourages co-operation with freelancers, public organisations and experiments with forms of collective intelligence.

Based in Marseille, installed at la Friche, it works all over the worked under the direction of Jérôme Matéo. The question of general public interest is at the heart of their work.


Established: 2004
At la Friche since: 2004

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