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Vue de l'exposition 'Draw me your song!', 2015 © Documents d'artistes
Meet-Up 4, visites de l'atelier de Christophe Boursault, 2015 © Documents d'artistes
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Documents d'artistes

A website devoted to contemporary art

Visual Arts - Producer / Broadcaster

+33 (0)4 95 04 95 40 - info@documentsdartistes.org - www.documentsdartistes.org

Documentation and dissemination of work by selected visual artists across the PACA region which gives greater visibility and access to the vibrant local art scene, centred on the cities of Marseille, Arles Toulon and Nice.


documentsdartistes.org gives the public access to the work of over 230 contemporary artists via a staggering  15 000 pages, 50 000 images, and in excess of 1200 videos, texts and bibliographies etc.

By publishing portfolios on line, Documents d'artistes accompanies the distribution of artists' work to professionals and art lovers. It bridges the gap between creation and professional and public audiences and aims to appeal directly to art professionals promoting better circulation of the artists work both locally and internationally.

In this way, Documents d'artistes develops existing contemporary art networks and has also started up programmes linked specifically to increasing visibility on the networks and analysing artworks like: Meet-Up (visits to artists' studios and inviting curators from overseas), an online magazine, exhibitions, meetings, directing documentaries and videos.

Documents d'artistes regularly holds workshops in art schools on the professional development of young artists.

Documents d'artistes is a project whose ramifications reach far beyond national boundaries via the Réseau documents d'artistes [Network of Artists' Documentation] which brings together organisations in four regions in France whose shared objective is to provide access to written material published online from artists' dossiers, to give a comprehensive view of the current artistic landscape.


Established: 1998
At la Friche since: 1999

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