Droles d'oiseaux © Simon Gosselin
Droles d'oiseaux © Simon Gosselin
Et toi (moi) © Simon Gosselin
Et toi (moi) © Simon Gosselin
Nous habiterons Detroit © Simon Gosselin
Nous habiterons Detroit © Simon Gosselin
Place to be © Simon Gosselin
Place to be © Simon Gosselin


Cannes and Marseille Regional Actors' School

Training - Theatre

+33 (0)4 88 60 11 75 - contact13@eracm.fr - eracm.fr/

ERACM is a higher education institution which trains actors.


Set up in 1990, through an initiative of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region, it teaches the DNSPC (Diplôme National Supérieur Professionnel de Comédien).

The school prepares students for a professional career in acting over three years and accompanies their integration into the world of work (FIJAD). The first and second years take place in Cannes, the third has been based at la Friche Belle de Mai since 1997.

The teaching programme focuses on the personal development of each young actor at the heart of group projects. This is developed, during the course of each year of study, through interactive workshops in various modules and key disciplines (body, voice, space and dramaturgy).  Specific workshops (puppetry, clown skills, tightrope, etc.) also form part of the complete course. All the teachers are working professionals which also reinforces the links ERACM has with the industry.

The course is comprised of individual and group work. The teachers are artists representing a variety of practices with different aesthetics which feed into the ERACM's artistic framework, which was set up by the teaching committee and the school's directorate.


The Mediterranean Institute of Performing Arts (IMMS)
The IMMS is a training centre which brings together students from the ERACM and apprentices from the CFA - Centre for Apprenticeships in the performing arts. It is also open to students from Aix-Marseille University. It is an institute designed to develop meetings with and collaborations between artists from la Friche, as well as training partners like La Gare Franche and theatrical organisations in the city and all over the country. ERACM and ISTS (Institut Supérieur des Techniques du Spectacle) share the same professional and research objectives and thus hope to bring together student actors and technicians in the same space to reinforce their respective training programmes and develop group initiatives. 

Digital technology, pedagogical research and securing solid career progression are the guiding principles of the IMMS.


Established: 1990
At la Friche since: 1997
IMMS opened: 2015

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