Crash Box © Gasc Démolition
Crash Box © Gasc Démolition
Crash Box © Gasc Démolition
Crash Box © Gasc Démolition

Gasc Demolition - Anne-Valérie Gasc

Visual Artist

Artists - Visual Arts

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Anne-Valérie Gasc is a visual artist. Her approach attempts to assess the nature of those moments when nothing is certain and everything is possible, when art happens. It is in these  parentheses of deep-seated doubt, these fleeting moments, sometimes lasting for just a few seconds, when reality is profoundly shaken up, that she attemps to produce or commemorate, depending on the project.


Her work is structured in the form of an art business: Gasc Démolition aims to study and organise her own strategies for shaking up reality. She establishes and experiments with the necessary protocol for the ‘appearance' of art using the tactic of destruction, demolition and disappearance. These projects question the utopia of the tabula rasa as a mode of creation.

For example, Gasc Démolition recently undertook a study and experimented with the demolition, using sound waves, of the Hladilnica gallery  (194 dB, Pekarna Cultural Centre, Maribor, Slovenia, 2009), hydraulic sabotage of the Château d'Avignon (La Fuite, Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France, 2009), weakening the National Gallery - Jeu de Paume (Affaiblissement & Bombe Bunker Buster, Paris, France, 2007) and also flash fires at La Maison Rouge (Blockhaus, Paris, France, 2006).

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