Crash Box © Gasc Démolition
Crash Box © Gasc Démolition
Crash Box © Gasc Démolition
Crash Box © Gasc Démolition

Gasc Demolition - Anne-Valérie Gasc

Visual Artist

Artists - Visual Arts

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Anne-Valérie Gasc is a visual artist. Generally speaking, her work weaves a contradictory link between the conditions of the appearance of a work of art and those of the disappearance of architecture. Her "Crash Box" project, for example, is part of a video experiment that consists of filming buildings demolished by lightning strikes from an interior point of view, as close as possible to the explosive charges. The images captured in this way show, in the almost invisible aspect of the collapse, the failure of the social project carried by this architecture of reconstruction. His most recent project "Les larmes du Prince" is based on a critical approach to the dissolution strategies of contemporary architecture. From the utopia of a glass architecture carried by Bruno Taut's "Gläserne Kette", through the ductile and transparent aesthetics of parametric architecture, to the evanescence of "cloud buildings", Anne-Valérie Gasc explores the foundations and questions the limits of this architecture of obliteration; she invents the forms of its annihilation.

Her work is regularly presented in France and abroad: in Paris (Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Maison Rouge, Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume), Tours (CCC), Lyon (IAC) and Marseille (FRAC PACA, Panorama de la Friche Belle de Mai); in Amsterdam (FOAM), New York (Gagosian gallery), Slovenia (Maribor Museum of Contemporary Art) and Sydney (Biennale of Media Architecture) in particular. Doctor HDR in Plastic Arts and Art Sciences, she is a lecturer-researcher in contemporary art at ENSA-M (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Marseille). She is represented by the Un_Spaced gallery in Paris.

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