Animality, Sarah Violaine
Disturbed self, Daniel Pinheiro
Frame of reference, Agneska Ewa Braun
Zoufri, Rochdi Balgasmi

Instants Vidéo

Digital and Poetic

Visual Arts - Digital Arts - Audiovisual - Producer / Broadcaster

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Les Instants Vidéo is an international festival which has been going since 1988 devoted to Video art, digital art and poetry in all its forms: screenings, installations, performances etc.  


The event takes place in November in la Friche: one week of Rencontres Internationales [International Encounters] and three weeks of exhibitions there and in other venues (galleries, social institutions, educational establishments etc.). If Marseille is their base, it is also their springboard: they develop partnerships in France and overseas, even co-founding new festivals. (Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Argentina, Kirgizstan etc.).

Les Instants Vidéo are watchful of the artistic shockwaves provoked by current cultural and political changes.
More than objectives, it is a critical and ethical position which they take. They say: To think is to struggle with intimate and social contradictions. This informs our aim to provide a cultural service to the public who we consider to be sensitive and proactive.

Where do we start? On every front at the same time : by breaking down barriers, sexual freedom, loving anyone we like, poetic activism which goes against received ideas, the beauty of rebellious acts against the ugliness of dogma, division (resistance, my bugbear) against communal consensus toing and froing like “Je suis Charlie”, International rights against the crimes of colonising countries, for the creolisation of bodies and languages and against the purity of race and idiocy of national identity, radical hospitality versus the politeness of openings.

Established: 1988
At la Friche since: 2007

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