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Inter-Made is a business incubator which is committed to socio-economic solidarity and supports projects with a positive impact.

What is social and solidarity economy? For Inter-Made, above all else it is, it represents highly-motivated individuals who are voluntarily committed to taking risks for the common good. Inter-made offers competitive economic activities for men and women which respect the environment. Economically this represents delivering responses to regional needs and the people who live there, giving them a new lease of life: facilitating access for all, including future generations, stimulating long-term development. Eating, living, having shelter, clothes on your back, having fun, being informed, learning, meeting people, sharing, in short – living life, together.

Inter-Made works alongside people who have good ideas and nurtures the seeds of these ideas for humanity to harvest. Above all, a socio-economic solidarity project, however concrete or viable it is, offers everyone an opportunity to take the risk of finding solutions to our challenges, demonstrating in a spirit of joy, hope, togetherness and simplicity that we are all capable of making things happen!


Established: 2001
At La Friche since: 2017

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