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L'entreprise is a theatre company directed by the author, François Cervantes. It combines transmission, creation and dissemination and continuously develops its key initiatives – the adventures of the troop, elaboration of their repertoire, through regular contact with the public. “The links between art and life are too tenuous. We need to have closer ties with the public: this is the core of our work.”


François Cervantes set up the company in 1986, the fruits of his desire to create theatre that reflected the modern world, crossing boundaries without being blocked by cultural references and directly addressing the audience. His research provoked confrontation with neighbouring arts: literature, music, circus.
Writing has always formed the backbone of his work. His collaboration with Catherine Germain, over the last 20 years, has given rise to further research on the actor's craft, particularly clowning and masks.

Thirty or so shows have been written so far culminating in more than 2500 performances in France and further afield: Europe, Canada, USA, Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Indian Ocean. These trips are a golden opportunity to discuss the relationship between tradition and creation with other artists.
In 2004, after 18 years without a base in a theatre, the company moved into la Friche and rose to the challenge of their permanent home: a troop, repertoire and a long, intimate relationship with the public, so that the audience feels involved in the adventures of the troop in the region. Since then, the company invites the public to each new season with a rich series of shows. The company balances a sedentary life in Marseille, with the intensity of touring which constantly draws on research, experimentation, transmission, creation and distribution. At the present time, 8 artists bring the 12 shows in the repertoire to life.

Transmission & partnerships :
- Opening at la Friche of a permanent studio ‘the garage', training in France and abroad for theatre and circus artists (National Centre of Circus Skills, National Puppetry School, Avignon Drama School, ERAC, CCAC Comoros, Egypt, Quebec…)
- Creation of the publisher Maison in 2006 (new plays, eye witness reports, travel journals) and film production.


Established: 1986
At la Friche since: 2004

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