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The Réplique Collective is a resource centre dedicated to the acting profession and is run by and for professional working actors.


La Réplique has over 300 members, essentially actors, but also a number of associated professionals (authors, directors, producers), as well as organisations linked to acting, like theatres or production companies.

Its objectives are:
- To provide actors with a hub for the exchange of ideas, expertise and training in line with the demands of the profession.
- To broaden their professional networks, develop collaboration with others and help young artists to find work.
- To reinforce understanding of the place of the actor in different cultural and socio-economic contexts.  
La Réplique organises and co-ordinates a range of activities, via performance and film.  

For the attention of professional actors:
- Long term training sessions
- Short term training sessions on knowledge sharing and expertise, creative group workshops, labs.

For the attention of everyone:
- Seminars on social issues affecting acting.
- Meetings and debates on screenings, performances, lectures, etc.


Established: 1981
At la Friche since: 2009

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