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An independent publisher specialising in beautiful books: photography, art, literary criticism and heritage.

Established in 2001, Le bec en l'air is an independent publishers with a catalogue encompassing several topics: photography, art, literature and heritage. One thing unites most of its publications: the relationship between image and text, photography and narrative, through a contemporary layout and original photography.
Over the years, the catalogue (which boasts over 140 titles) has embraced various types of photography which all feed into a cohesive editorial approach: photography as a tool for questioning the modern world, be it of a documentary, aesthetic or intimate nature. As for the authors – writers, essayists, art critics – they are all fascinated by the crossover of image and text which often gives rise to original forms of works.

Catalogue available online

Established: 2001
At la Friche since: 2010

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