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Vomiting through your eyes

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International authors' collective based since 1993 in Marseille at la Friche, le Dernier Cri has promoted the work of authors on the fringes of the publishing and contemporary art industry for the last 20 years.  

Following in the footsteps of their predecessors at Hara-Kiri, Bazooka in the early days and Raw, le Dernier Cri has a penchant for twisted imagery that it cultivates gleefully. Without straying too far from its editorial roots, its catalogue now boasts 400 works. It embraces graphic design and innovative narrative styles. This mixture of styles makes Dernier Cri a veritable laboratory of inventive publishing, always edgy, but nonetheless committed to contemporary society's preoccupations.

The publishing workshop is dedicated to graphic innovation and new forms of cross-fertilisation and multimedia developments.  Le Dernier Cri brings together people involved in the SUB-graphic industry in France and abroad.
A multi-disciplinary publisher, it embraces an open attitude to culture and hybrids pushing the boundaries of traditional fine art and is committed to a kind of graphic resistance with printed matter and the book as an object at the heart of its creations.

It has three main areas of interest which complement each other – publishing, dissemination, networking via training and raising awareness of graphic works.

Exhibition Catalogue heta-uma/mangaro

On the programme


Le Mauvais Œil 51 : Tricéphale

exposition - Arts visuels

Découvrez 3 nouveaux auteurs Cha Kinon, FRAMAX et GOTIER et leurs premières publications aux éditions du dernier cri.

Venue : Le Dernier Cri Du 19 novembre 2019 au 17 janvier 2020 Free Une proposition Le Dernier Cri


Vendetta #7

exposition - Arts visuels - Littérature et édition

Rendez-vous incontournable de la scène underground marseillaise ! Le Dernier Cri présente le temps d'un week-end Vendetta, salon international du multiple et de la microédition, avec des éditeurs invités, de France et d'Europe.

Venue : La Tour-Panorama, au 5e étage Les 14 et 15 décembre 2019 Free Une proposition Le Dernier Cri

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