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Lieux Fictifs is a creative shared space created by Caroline Caccavale and José Césarini who wanted to set up a place to share their thoughts and practises relating to the image. Directors, artists, researchers and people from anywhere (prison, neighbourhood, city…) can discuss the theme of boundaries.


Founded in 1994, Lieux Fictifs develops artistic practices on the subject of boundaries.

Based at the Friche in their workshops, editing rooms, screening and production facilities, the association is also active in the prison in Marseille where they have a permanent training centre. In these places artists and researchers are invited to see boundaries being broken down: the boundary between people – physical, social, cultural, generational boundaries between artistic forms and materials.

Directors and artists (theatre producers, choreographers, composers, writers.), researchers and lecturers  (in sociology, film and performing arts ), people from a variety of institutions (prisons, universities, community centres, schools and training centres ) come together to help each other on group projects. There they experiment with imagery and creativity, reach out to the social sphere, seeking to reconstruct individual and collective experiences through new representations of place and time in the here and now which cause social fragmentation, isolation and erosion.  

The group dimension is at the heart of Lieux Fictifs – it allows new, democratic aesthetic forms to emerge through artistic writing in general and in particular with regards to film and new media.

Alongside their audiovisual production & film work, the association holds workshops on ways of seeing, research projects, training and EU cooperation initiatives. They have a policy of publishing and dissemination to a wide audience to reinforce the dialogue between Art and Society.


Established: 1994
At la Friche since: 1999

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