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Madame Olivier

Theatre company for public spaces

Artists - Theatre

+33 (0)4 95 04 96 39 - madameolivier@lafriche.org - www.madameolivier.fr

Madame Olivier, street theatre company with temporary projects in situ, shaking up public spaces with panache and poetry.
Founded in Marseille in 2004, it began as a ‘Professional/ AmDram Company' bringing together different artistic disciplines through pop-up projects.


Madame Olivier works in public spaces bringing poetry and political meaning to them. She creates poetic pathways, dance gestures and in situ scenarios.
Inside and out, in front of museums, metro stations, public spaces (and even on stage), these places are all playgrounds. Actors, words, sounds and forms inspired by a place or character with a story, geography, use or architecture.

Directed by Romaric Matagne, the company explores contemporary dreams, feeling the buzz, 15 minutes of fame, etc. through theatre. In a world that sometimes spins out of control, MADAME OLIVIER explores modern society's values transposing them in a spectacular way with panache and originality.

Alongside temporary projects, Madame Olivier has made a cornucopia of shows to show off in.
In the show 4L fantôme, the car takes the spectator/ hitcher on a road-movie to meet four characters. During the journey we chat about work, sex, ecology and old bangers.

Rue de la Gloire brings the street back to life by renaming it with one of the residents' names. With its meandering format and dialogue bringing the community together, Rue de la Gloire taps into the glorious potential of everyone and celebrates the ‘local'. 
Telling stories to exist.
Existing to Shine.
Symbol of this immediate recognition, the resident selected by the audience's vote unveils the new street name. 
The company has been based at la Friche since 2006 and is part of the shared platform Sales Gosses.
Established: 2004
At la Friche since: 2006

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