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Michel Gentil

Art Espace Marseille

Artists - Visual Arts

+33 (0)6 24 85 07 18 - michel.gentil@lafriche.org - michelgentil.com

The association Art Espace Marseille (AEM) supports the work of fine artists. They fight to gain workshops for artists and creatives. Michel Gentil, artist and painter is supported by the AEM.

Michel Gentil paints in an essentially non-figurative style. His painting takes possession of the space that surrounds him.

"You cannot look at one of Michel Gentil's paintings furtively. That's just how it is. You have to keep looking at it, or go back and look at it again. Go up to it. Step away from it. Leave. Come back, because the painting resists. It cannot be captured in one fell swoop or in the blink of an eye. Gradually you remember the key thing we have forgotten: that life itself, intimately, fundamentally, is also abstract. That is why there are abstract paintings that you constantly rediscover, like those by Michel Gentil, because they are and will remain essentially unfathomable and endlessly fascinating like life.”
(Yves Gerbal, La Marseillaise)

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