T'as de la chance d'être mon frère © Vincent C@ctus Vanhecke
Les maronneurs, Tournée d'Adieu © Francis Vandoorne

No Tunes International

Theatre - Street Performance


+33 (0)4 95 04 95 37 - contact@notunes-international.org

No Tunes International was founded in 2001. A theatre and street performance company where each individual can project themselves and see the material as a mirror on their own existence. Their aim is to bring as much lightness to life as possible and to analyse situations through other people's eyes.


The company is an inventive trailblazer with regards to their interactive shows in public spaces. In particular, during performances they shed light on work intertwined with everyday reality, expressing humanity in all its glory: parties, childhood, relationships between men and women, desire, drunkenness, beauty, death of a loved one, interaction between neighbours, working with members of different generations, which means every time they perform in front of a very sociologically diverse audience, from children to teens, adults and senior citizens.

They pay particular attention to text and music to create an absurd and tender world, a taste for people and their stories, a wish to move street theatre forward through intimacy.
6 street performances : Les Facteurs (first performed in 2001), Rendez-vous (first performed in 2003), Les Noceurs (first performed in 2006), Cavale (first performed in 2008), Les Maronneurs, Tournée d'Adieu (first performed in 2010) and T'as de la chance d'être mon frère (first performed in 2012).

No tunes international creates an intimate rapport with the audience at every performance. These funny, tender, facetious shows touch not only the crowd but an active, attentive audience. Much more than a passive procession, the stories told are slices of life reflecting everyone in the streets where the company perform.


Established: 2001
At la Friche since: 2009

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