Collective of undisciplined performers

Artists - Theatre - Audiovisual - Danse - Producer / Broadcaster

+33 (0)6 58 02 18 25 - ornicart@free.fr - www.ornicart.org

Collective of undisciplined performers with a variable cast based since 1995 at la Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille.


Since its inception, Ornic'art regularly performs in France and overseas in festivals, in public spaces, art centres and national theatres. The collective's work enables joint initiatives with different disciplines - urban art, visual arts, dance and theatres. Their shows explore new forms of artistic writing – urban performances and interactive installations. Ornic'art's projects – ad hoc performances on an urban environment and immersive shows are genuinely subversive acts. Installed in the urban environment Ornic'art comes up against politics. The experiences which open original perspectives from the point of view of the audience and their rapport with the artists has a huge impact on performance.
Ornic'art : Rochdy Laribi    

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