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Freedom of expression for all!

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Free radio, expressive radio, alternative radio, interactive radio


Voix des sans papiers, Voix du cap vert, Libre débat, Contre-courant, Santé à vendre, Information femmes, Diasporas 2e mi-temps, Parloir libre, Actualités sur les Comores, Eco forum… 
[Voice of the undocumented migrants, Voice of the Cap Vert, Free debate, Bucking trends, Health for sale, Women's issues, 2nd generation Diaspora, Free talking shop, News on the Comoros, Eco forum... ]
These names of some of the weekly shows set the tone: Radio Galère is a place for expression, which is both militant and politically committed.
The microphones are accessible for: freedom of expression, answering back, and interactive feedback which is built in to most of the shows which take live calls on air.

It is also a platform for several organisations, social workers, community associations, regional figureheads, community representatives who are often invited on air.
Radio Galère also welcomes school and college pupils (reports, feedback on workshops), legal shows, an eco-forum, a programme for prisoners, a ‘Handicap Tribune' presented by blind broadcasters, reports on social issues, reportages from other French radios and further afield (Mali, Algeria etc.) and from the EPRA programme bank. The station organises round tables for cultural representatives, artists and politicians.

It is a tolerant space, for expression, creativity and of course entertainment in particular music, with rich musical programmes which reflect the station's identity.

Radio Galère, is also a place for reflection, dialogue and solidarity, protection of human rights, giving a voice to the poorest and most vulnerable. It is a unique voice, despite the diversity of the guests and subjects explored in the programmes aired.  All participants must adhere to the radio's Charter before going on air to ensure they agreed with the station's values - no advertising, no self-promotion, no racism, no sexism and no religious brow-beating.

More than just a radio station, Radio Galère is a social forum, involved in a number of civil and political events where they organise debates and recruit volunteers.

Radio Galère is a free, independent, multicultural association,  which provides Marseille and the airwaves with a shot of freedom.


* EPRA provides radio stations with a bank of programmes promoting social integration for immigrants and migrants in France. These programmes, produced by stations involved in the group, are accessible to the whole radio network, in particular local and associative stations.


Established: 1983
At la Friche: 1997

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