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Promenade sonore © A. Debatisse
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Radio Grenouille/Euphonia 88.8 FM

Media-mediator / producer / broadcaster

Audiovisual - Music - Producer / Broadcaster

+33 (0)4 95 04 95 15 - radio@grenouille888.org - www.radiogrenouille.com

An atypical Marseille radio station adapted to leap-frogging and swimming in extreme conditions 
Radio Grenouille and Euphonia are two peas in the pod of the same initiative – to link meaning and sounds.


Grenouille, via its fm station on 88.8, and website, provides radio 24/7 which is open to the world and the latest musical trends. The programming is centred around documentaries, interviews, chronicles, one-off specials, different viewpoints on local cultural news, social analysis, artistic and creative programmes.
Euphonia, is a creative workshop associated with the station for public workshops and residencies.

Together, they explore and develop projects with artists, creatives, people big and small. They investigate a wide range of themes: music, art, education, health, environment, politics, science, creative citizenship, not to mention Marseille and the wider world. 

Careers at Grenouille & Euphonia have evolved over the years: via new media, multimedia, practical workshops, events organisation, cultural and artistic production. Most of these activities are done co-operatively with others.

A product of the associative radio movement in 1981, Grenouille has gradually established itself as a station that marries meaning and sound. A creative force which has brought the medium in to the media where the station is perceived as an artistic audio forum with unique programmes which draw on numerous different disciplines.
Current challenges and future hurdles are linked to the modification of production techniques, uses and opportunities for co-production in a civil society so intertwined with new technologies.

The station has over 100 000 regular listeners, on 88.8 fm and online.


Radio Grenouille established: 1981
At la Friche since: 1992
Studio Euphonia set up in: 1992

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