A place for research, experiementation, confrontation and reflection on new types of performance writing

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International network for dialogue and dissemination of new performance writing, RedPlexus has been a resident at la Friche since 2007.


For the last 10 years, Préavis de Désordre Urbain [Warning - Urban Disruption] combined artistic demands and experimentation. Every year, the International Performance Festival invites 20 or so artists from France and beyond involved in performance, theatre, dance, visual arts and street theatre to take part in activities in Marseille's urban landscape. Every event has a common thread – exploring the body and its dynamic relationship to the contemporary world with urban performances which confront the political context of the city. RedPlexus is a hub for research, experimentation, confrontation and reflection on performance. Isn't the essence of performance, the art of interaction, questioning politics, disobedience and shaking up the social, moral and political order to offer unexpected perspectives that disturb and rejuvenate?


RedPlexus: Christine Bouvier

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