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Audiovisual - Producer / Broadcaster

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For the last 10 years, Shellac, a film distribution company based in Marseille, has had a policy of development and research.

This has allowed them to establish a catalogue of films highlighting the rich diversity of cinema for cinephiles and curious audiences everywhere. In a world where cinema is constantly reinventing its style, they focus on substance.

Shellac also regularly, alongside distribution, provides long-term ongoing support to films in relation to their subject matter : published material, music, audio books, live performances, and much more.

Shellac Sud, was set up in 2006, in the aim of continuing work on film and video production.

The direction of programming at the Gyptis Cinema at La Friche (opened in October 2014) is carried out by Shellac.
Following a call for projects in direct relation to regional organisations  and the State, the SCIC Friche la Belle de Mai have chosen Shellac to run the programme at the Gyptis.

Established: 2003 & 2006
At La Friche since: 2009

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