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Multimedia artist, composer and video-maker, Christine Coulange travels the world to listen and gather material, composing work at the heart of Sisygambis, which combines traditional art and contemporary creativity.


Her inseparable duo with Nchan Manoyan break down barriers opened up since the fall of the Berlin wall and imposed in the cold wastelands of the East to create their musical group. Soon they will undertake the long journey down the silk road to China la Route de la Soie et jusqu'en Chine, then in the future follow the spice route la Route des Epices, from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.
At present, Christine Coulange and her friends are working towards the same goals: meeting women and men, collecting rhythms they beat out on the world, musician scansions, body percussion, big body drums assembled for parties and rituals rare or everyday. Sisygambis' archives are rich: interviews, sweeping landscapes, faces, glances, common or expert knowledge. War is never far away, poverty is knocking at the door, as is mothers' resistance, merchants, the power of children, persistence of dancers, musicians: back in Marseille, Sisygambis combines their sounds with electro compositions, editing images, preserving the crucial beat that links people however far away they are.

This provides the backbone of documentaries, audio exhibitions and above all the flexible performance installations performed in museums, on wastelands, or in venues and public spaces, on walls, in the city and suburbs by night. Languages also intertwine at the heart of their multimedia writing workshops that Sisygambis organises with school children and adults, and finally DVDs.

Installations and recent performances include: Vivid Sydney Festival & Federation Square Melbourne (Australia) 2015 - Musée de l'Ardenne and Musée Arthur Rimbaud, Charleville Mézières (France) 2015 – East Africa Tour 2014 - Marseille Provence Capitale Européenne de la Culture 2013.

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