Moom © Clothilde Grandguillot
Ventre © Benoit Pelletier
Mode d'emploi © Clothilde Grandguillot
© 20 minutos, Sobomar
Duo Dodu © Philippe Houssin
Ventre © Benoit Pelletier

Théâtre de cuisine

Object Theatre Company

Artists - Theatre - Young audiences

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Katy Deville and Christian Carrignon founded Théâtre de Cuisine in 1979. Ever since, they have explored object theatre and have revealed gaps in reality. The invasion of objects has found an outlet in the theatre!


Together they revisit the myths and legends of history from Jules Verne, Christopher Columbus, Blue Beard, to the Little match girl and Macbeth. They construct shows through manufactured, recognisable objects exploring all sorts of ideas of life.

Théâtre de Cuisine gets its inspiration from the cinema, fine art, dance, theatre and puppetry.

With object theatre, the company has built a dramatic language with its own logic and grammar conjugating objects, words and choreography.
Shows for all types of audiences, Théâtre de Cuisine now has thirty shows in its repertoire. Performed in France and overseas, these shows are really ways of proving how many ways there are to imagine the world.

Ten or so of these shows are now touring:  je serai Macbeth, Duo Dodu, … ce ventre-là… with shorter pieces: Nos identités and Théâtre d‘objet : mode d'emploi, and two of the first shows: Le petit Théâtre de Cuisine and Vingt minutes sous les mers. Not to mention the astounding Musée d'Objets Ordinaires - an interactive project which has been performed in several cities (Mirepoix, Marseille, Parme and Port de Bouc).
Katy Deville and Christian Carrignon also devote much of their time to regular training courses and workshops for professionals.

Permanent residents at La Friche, le Théâtre de Cuisine have a work space comprising an office, a rehearsal room and a construction workshop. Installed for over 20 years, Théâtre de Cuisine supports militant acts which forge links between the residents: now le 41 Bis, la petite porte offers artists the opportunity to present work in progress.


Established: 1979
At la Friche since: 1992

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