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The Massalia Theater is situated inside la Friche la Belle de Mai, a former tobacco factory, transformed into a cultural hive. The office of Massalia Theater is one of 70 different artistic structures. The theatre companies in particular, among which the Massalia, share five venues.
The Massalia Theater was created in 1987 and first programmed puppet theater. It is now dedicated to young audiences. The main activity consists in producing 20 to 25 shows per year from all performing arts : drama, puppets, dance, circus… The company places an emphasis on young artists and digital arts. Apart from the shows, the theater also delivers educative and artistic activities in schools and the wider community. The Massalia Theater also often works with other theaters in the Marseille area and beyond. It is considered as a referent company in theater for young audiences in Marseille and generally in France as well.

Besides, the Massalia supports outsider artists in their work.
Finally, the theater provides an educative program for adults, in order to help them as teachers, social workers, parents, etc. to promote drama to children and/or to follow up on artistic directions. Lectures and workshops… are offered to the adults to help them grasp the specific aesthetics of young audience theater.


Established: 1987
At la Friche since: 1992

On the programme

Colloque Petite Enfance


« Je et Nous » Comment apprendre aux tout-petits à vivre ensemble ? Deux jours de rencontres sur la question du vivre ensemble avec de nombreux·ses invité·e·s

Venue : La Cartonnerie Les 15 & 16 octobre Crèche , Théâtre Massalia et les éditions Érès

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