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Transverscité is an association which was set up in 1999 by a group of social science researchers. Its aim is to bring together researchers, artists, journalists and other actors in the city who develop multidisciplinary creative, active research projects, debate, training and publishing on social and urban issues.


Transverscité, is defined by its members across different fields of analysis: composition of urban forms, cultural practices and representations, social and spatial mobility, economies and markets, public, political frameworks, social networks in the region and heritage.

Transverscité's activities are organised into three areas:  
- Operational programmes, co-productions with other local and regional associations.
- Artistic creation and publishing and collaborations in the local and national art scene.
- Research programmes within the framework of local commissions (FAS, DRAC, Conseil Général, etc.) and national (Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Culture, DIV, etc.).


Established: 1999
At la Friche since: 2000

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