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Voix Polyphoniques

Polyphonic and a capella singing

Music - Theatre - Producer / Broadcaster -

Voix Polyphoniques is a professional musical theatre company directed by the singer and actress Brigitte Cirla. The company writes, produces and performs shows centred on the voice, in particular polyphonic songs from all over the world and has been performing for 25 years.

Its three guiding principles are:
- Writing and producing musical theatre shows with a repertoire inspired by vocal and a cappella traditions and contemporary writing and music.
- Exploring the voice through practical workshops for amateurs, pros, school children, students and in specific environments (hospitals, prisons etc.) Voix Polyphoniques does not pretend to be a school, but does adopt an approach to the voice and the body through different initiatives linked to performance and representation.
- Inter-cultural exchange with a variety of different European and international networks. In1983, Voix Polyphoniques became one of the founder members of The Magdalena Project – an international network of women working in live performance.  

Associated  Artists & Composers: Edith Azam, Eléonore Bovon, Catherine Duport, Nadine Esteve, Alex Grillo, Jean-Marie Maddeddu, Magali Rubio, Tania Zolty

Our faithful, complicitous partners: DahTeatar (Serbia), Indéchiffrables, La maison du chant (Marseille), Le Channel (Calais), Lieux Publics (Marseille), Lilas en scène (Les lilas), Odin Teatret (Denmark), The Magdalena Project, (Wales), Théâtre de l'unité (Audincourt), Unterwasser Fliegen (Germany).




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Les élèves de CP, CM1 et CM2 de l'école de la Busserine, leurs enseignants et l'équipe de Voix polyphoniques vous invitent à la présentation du travail en cours d'Affabulations.

Venue : le petit Plateau Le jeudi 6 juin à 19h Free Une proposition de Voix Polyphoniques

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