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ZINC produces ‘digital art and culture' and maintains links between cultural and artistic practices in the digital age. 


Installed at La Friche for the last 20 years, ZINC is an association which has always supported education and openness to new technology through creativity.

ZINC covers two places – the medialab and the fablab which are open all year round to everyone: beginners, the curious, families, children, students, creatives and artists...

ZINC's programme has a wide range of workshops - F[HACK]TORIES & NUMÉRIKIDS – regular meetings - NICE TO MEET YOU - Exhibitions - GALERIE WEB – Open sessions supporting your projects - ENTREZ LIBRES – accessible, well-equipped facilities - LE LFO & le TRANSISTOR.

ZINC also creates works of art and writing linked to new technologies. The residencies promote research and creativity with a multidisciplinary approach, at La Friche and in partnership with local and regional cultural bodies.

On the programme

Entrez Libres

Arts numériques

Entrez libres propose à tous les publics, connaisseur ou débutant, de passer les portes du Medialab, dédié aux arts et cultures numériques. Chaque vendredi (hors vacances), lors d'après-midis thématiques, une équipe compétente en matière de techniques numériques vous accueille et vous guide dans vos recherches, vos projets, vos besoins ou même votre simple curiosité !

Venue : Le Medialab Le vendredi de 14h à 17h (hors vacances scolaires et jours fériés) Une proposition de ZINC

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