School groups and community groups

All year round the Friche la Belle de Mai offers a number of opportunities to discover different forms and practices in contemporary arts.
Meeting with teams of artists, guided tours, practical workshops, sessions to raise awareness…
A programme of innovative, experimental initiatives during the school day and after school activities for all ages!


In partnership with the National Ministry of Education, La Friche la Belle de Mai has designed an educational art and culture programme to help all children succeed, from day one to the end of their schooling, by implementing a cultural initiative that gives meaning to and compliments learning The pupil does not simply take part as a spectator but as an actor in his own transformation.

What have we put in place?
Since 2012, the partnership with the local high school at la Belle de Mai has launched numerous initiatives bringing pupils of all ages to the Friche. These multi-disciplinary projects that reflect the school curriculum, allow the children to come face to face with artists and their work and promote attendance of cultural venues. They include:  taster days for 6°, drama class, educational support, outdoor school in the garden on the rails….
La Friche la Belle de Mai, together with the Gyptis cinema, is also involved in national film education initiatives: Ecole au cinéma, Collège au cinéma, Lycéens et Apprentis au cinéma. [School at the movies, High School at the movies, College and Apprentices at the movies.]

Community Groups

La Friche la Belle de Mai works with local chairty associations working in the community to encourage access to culture for people from deprived areas.
All through the year there are socio-educational extra-curricular events and activities which strive to encourage experimentation and discussion about artistic creation. There are art and sport workshops, guided tours and exhibition tours, ad hoc creative support.

What have we put in place?
Les petits mercredis [Little Wednesdays] :a regular programme of workshops  for exploring all artistic disciplines.
School Holidays: themed immersive courses to get a deeper understanding of an art form.
Playground: 700 m2 designed for and devoted to sport, a way of getting back into sport or learning new skills and games.
Workshops designed around schools' themes: Workshops set up in partnership with the Léo Lagrange Federation.

Contact Schools and Community

Susana Monteiro
Head of Cultural Initiatives
04 95 04 96 59

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