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La Place des Quais

With benches to sit down and watch the trains from, tables for a sharing a picnic together, having a rest, drawing, playing cards, gardening plots and an area for playing pétanque and badminton...

This new 1500m2 outside public space opposite the railway lines has a host of facilities, from benches, where you can sit and watch the trains, to big tables for eating picnics, resting, drawing, playing cards, and trees for summer shade and gardens for fresh air and areas for playing pétanque and badminton, sunbathing, reading or daydreaming.

The choice of plants was inspired by the verges beside the railway tracks, combining wild flowers, garden flowers and so-called invasive species: ailanthus, buddleia, thistles, Judas trees, wild cherry trees, black and white poplars, euphorbias, pyracanthas, sumac, ash trees, fleabane, millet etc.

We put on little shows and concerts there and a summer dance with pretty lights... This new, lush entrance to La Friche, is enjoyed by local residents, townsfolk and visitors from further afield.
It is a beautiful way to greet travellers entering Saint Charles Railway Station.

Open since August 2016
Project Management
SCIC Friche la Belle de Mai
Project Management
David Onatzky – Landscape Gardener & Olivier Moreux – Architect

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