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The Fablab

An open making space (LFO) and new-tech workshop open to all to give life to your ideas.

Run by the Reso-nance collective and ZINC, this space is dedicated to rapid manufacture of digital prototypes. You will find machines and computer-assisted tools like a 3D printer and 2D laser cutter, along with more traditional tools (all sorts of drills, etc.).  
Anyone can come and make whatever they want (so long as it doesn't harm anyone!): print 3D objects or do a spot of sowing. What's missing in your home that you could make yourself? What needs repairing, transforming or upcycling?
At the LFO, everyone can learn and share what they know, so you will doubtless find a guide for learning how to operate the digitally-controlled machines or master 3D modelling software, or bend someone's ear to help breathe life into your projects, it all helps.


Open Making Space (LFO)
storerooms, level 2

Opening Times
Open from wednesday to saturday. Access and activities are within registration at contact@lfofablab.org
Joining  ZINC is obligatory (10€/a year)

The LFO is closed in August
There are no Fablab weekends or open workshops in July


Tel. +33 (0)4 95 04 95 11   

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